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The heat is on!

As we enter the colder months, preparation and planning is business critical for commercial and industrial properties alike.
As we enter the colder months, preparation and planning is business critical for commercial and industrial properties alike.

Inadequate or a complete loss of heating to an industrial unit can result in declining productivity or even worse; critical downtime due to the working environment becoming rapidly inhabitable. Pre-winter maintenance is a prudent exercise for facilities managers and decision makers so as to ensure that industrial properties are not only energy efficient but also safe and comfortable for the workforce.

In fact, a pre-winter commercial heating consultation may even highlight the need for a complete system upgrade. Large open industrial areas can benefit significantly from a system referred to as radiant heating.

Radiant heating is incredibly energy efficient thanks to a sophisticated technology capable of taking the energy stored in floors and objects and re-using it. Environmental kudos is gained through the measured decrease in the burning of fuel.

Radiant heating is also targeted whereby it only heats the areas needed such as people or objects; making it an ideal solution for manufacturing plants, industrial warehouses and garden centres.

Alternatively, warm air heating systems are a viable consideration whereby heat is distributed evenly from one source throughout a built environment.

Tidyco has the necessary skill and experience to conduct maintenance and servicing of a site as well as provide essential consultancy and investigation. If required, the Tidyco Climate Control Division can provide a complete system design and installation service. The company recently became a critical success factor in supplying Adey Steel with a radiant heating solution so as to increase productivity and make the metal works area far more comfortable for its employees.

Consider too, the need to protect vulnerable children and adults throughout the winter months with effective heating of educational establishments, care facilities and healthcare premises. Tidyco Climate Control is a specialist in gas boiler maintenance, repair as well as system installation whereby the company regularly carries out work for both Private and Public Sector establishments.

With vulnerable people in mind, it is wise to consider the Tidyco safeguarding policy which is adhered to by all employees. Engineers always wear branded uniform and drive liveried vehicles for ease of identification whereby further peace of mind is delivered through personal identification badges.

Aware that gas boiler life longevity is a major concern for many caring and educational establishments, Tidyco Climate Control includes a full maintenance programme within inspection procedures.

Planned maintenance is essential to increasing the life expectancy of HVAC assets as well as contributing significantly towards energy efficiency.

To fulfil a need for effective planned maintenance, Tidyco Climate Control Division designed and implemented the Asset Management System. Reaching finalist stage for Tomorrows FM 2018 Innovation Awards, the system provides complete traceability of all assets within a property whilst automating planned maintenance alerts so as to adhere to legal requirements as well as ensure optimum effectiveness to commercial HVAC systems.

To arrange a consultation or to find out more, call the Tidyco Climate Control team on: 01332 851300.

Alternatively, send an email to: [email protected]

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David Hithersay - Tidyco Climate Control Director

David Hithersay - Tidyco Climate Control Director

I work in partnership with suppliers and clients to make working environments more sustainable, energy efficient as well as comfortable. Tel: 01332 851300 or email: [email protected]

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